How To Remove Infinix Hot Note Battery

How To Remove Infinix Hot Note Battery

There are lots of reasons why you want to remove the battery of the Infinix Hot Note. For one thing, the battery can start fake charging and needs to be replaced. Also, it may become unhealthy and not last long as it used to. For these reasons, you may want to change the battery of your Infinix Hot Note. So how do you remove the battery? It is not like most other phones where you just take out the back battery cover and then remove the battery. In this post, How To Remove Infinix Hot Note Battery, We consider the answer below.

What You Need To Replace Infinix Hot Note Battery

  • A star mouth screw driver
  • A flat mouth screw driver

How To Replace Infinix Hot Note Battery

First remove the back battery cover as you usually do. Now locate all positions of the screws in the back casing. Once identified, use your star mouth screw driver to unscrew all the screws identified. Make sure that there are no screws left unscrewed. The next thing to do is to remove the back casing of the phone with the flat mouth screw driver. To do this, locate the point where the top and bottom casing meet at the side of the phone. Gently place your flat screw driver there and make it find its way through to separate the two casing.

If you successfully remove the back casing, you should see the battery at the back of the phone panel just there. The battery has another metal casing protecting it where it is. Check again if there are any screws around the casing. If there are, unscrew them. Before removing the battery, be sure that you have removed the battery clip connecting the battery to the phone.


Notice that the battery may be glued to the phone panel. This means  that you will tactically apply force to remove the battery from the phone even after removing the clip.

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