Phone Keeps Downloading Apps On Its Own – Solution

When you put on your data you discovered that some apps are downloading. You did not initiate this process and so you tried to stop the download but couldn’t. The only thing you could do was to put the data connection off when your Phone Keeps Downloading Apps On Its Own.

Why Phone Keeps Downloading Apps On Its Own

The reason why your phone keeps downloading apps on its own is that you have downloaded an application that is developed to download things on any device in which it is installed on its own whenever the data is on. Since this is not something you asked for, this app causing this problem can be regarded as malicious.

Disadvantages Of Phone Downloading Apps On Its Own

Your data may not last as usual and if this continues over some weeks, your battery may become unhealthy and a replacement will then be needed. When phone keeps downloading apps on its own, the phone will usually get hot as a result of the constant state of download and the multitasking of the phone processor. One other annoying fact is that pornographic images may start appearing on your phone screen when you are operating your phone, even when reading the Bible with your phone.

How To Stop Phone From Downloading Apps On Its Own

The Only solution is to flash the phone. Even if you reset the phone to factory default, the problem will still be there waiting for you. The malicious apps find their way to the ROM of the phone they are install. This means that you cannot uninstall them, not even when you factory reset the phone or download the strongest anti virus from play store. The apps that are downloaded may be uninstalled but the main app causing the phone to download apps cannot be removed from the phone except through flashing.

What Should Do If My Phone Keeps Downloading Apps On Its Own?

First put off your data, then uninstall all the apps the malicious app ceased your phone to download. Get an Anti-virus installed on your phone and run a thorough scan with it. Once the anti virus detects the malicious app, restrict it and clear its cache and data. You can find more help here How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

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