Phone Dead After Flashing Solution – Tecno And Infinix

Phone Dead After Flashing Solution – Tecno And Infinix

What went wrong? The phone suddenly died after flashing and you are feeling frustrated. This is often the complain from many android phone users and technicians who somehow flashed their phones in the wrong way. If you flash an MTK android phone with a corrupt file in the firmware used, it might just malfunction, sometimes by displaying white screen or different colors. This may also be the case if the wrong firmware is used. At other times, to be expected, if you flash a phone with the wrong firmware, the result will be Phone dead After Flashing. Sorry if this is the case with you.

Phone Dead After Flashing

Flashing a phone with the wrong ROM as well as interrupting the flashing process may result to a dead phone at the end. So, what on earth is the solution to this problem? Lets shoot.

Solution to Dead Phone After flashing

The solutions in this page applies to all MTK powered phone which includes all Tecno Android phone, All Infinix Android phones as well as Lenovo Android Phones.

1. Flash the phone again

This time, be sure you are using the right firmware or ROM. Also make sure that you have sufficient battery to hold the whole process. If it is possible, download the flash files from a different website. To be sure that your phone is not completely dead, you may choose to flash the original files you backed up back into the phone if you had earlier done a backup. If the flashing the original files brings the phone alive, then you are safe and can proceed to flashing another firmware from a different source. What if the phone refuse to come up, would you say you are dead? Maybe you but not me.

2. Flash with a different software

If you used SP Flash Tool to flash your phone and it went dead, you can try Miracle Box crack. This my be necessary especially if you are having error messages on your SP Flash Tool. Another option to try is the Infinix Flash Tool.

3. Charge the phone for more than few hours.

As surprising this may be, a Reputable Android Phones Software Solution Site recommended this. The phone should be left to charge for long, even up to 24 hours. It it starts charging, it may probably indicate 1% battery after a long time. If the phone comes up, try the flashing process again with the correct firmware. and you are done.

Phone Dead After Flashing Solution. Find more help in our Forum

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