Phone Charging Slow – How To Fix It

Phone Charging Slow – How To Fix It

Slow charging in mobile devices is a common problem these days that most people frequently complain about. Are you among them? Well, I can tell that you Don’t have the time to site and wait for your phone to fully charge under the circumstance that it charges slow. I guess a solution is needed. Am I right? I am Here to provide the help you need to get your phone back to normal again. In this post, we shall consider how to fix a phone that is charging slow – Phone Charging Slow – How To Fix It.

How To Fix A Phone That Is Charging Slow 

The USB Cable
Make sure that the USB cable is not faulty. If it is, it may not connect your phone to the charger well, causing the phone to charge slow. It is recommended you change the USB cable

The Charger
If the problem goes beyond the USB cable, then the charger is the next thing to look at. Really, the charger is the main problem in most cases. It might not be compatible with your phone. Try charge the device with another charger and note the difference.

The Battery
In rare and weired cases, if the battery is weak and unhealthy, it may either make the phone fake charge or charge slow. To be sure change the battery of your device. Be sure to use a new battery that is compatible with the phone.

The USB Charging Port
This is the port in the phone where you insert the USB cable from the charger. It could be that it has spoilt and needs replacement. If really it is bad, it can cause a phone to charge slow.  Only a technician should do the charging port replacement.

The phone
If you want the phone to charge faster, turn it off while charging. If this is not possible for you then do not operate while charging. Some battery saver apps can also help fast charge your device. Look for such apps on Google Play Store and install them.

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