Network Problems Solution For All Mobile Phones

Network Problems Solution For All Mobile Phones

Having a mobile phone with no network is one of the worst challenges one could ever face in a device. Without the network, you can perform the most important features of your phone – making call and browsing. In this post, we consider Network Problems Solution For All Mobile Phones

The solution to network problems can sometimes rest on the phone settings. At other times, hardware work is needed by a technician to fix it. If you are a technician and need a hardware solution to a specific mobile phone model, check here to see the list of phones we have and their network solution pictures.

User Friendly Network Solution

MOS Phones (Keypad Non-android phones)

This works for most MOS phones (keypad non-android phones). In most cases, just make sure that call barring is not activated. If deactivating call baring fail to solve the problem, reseting the phone to factory default may solve it. Note that you will need a code for the factory reset. Check with your device manual to get the code. In most cases, one of these codes works. 0000, 000000, 1234, 12345 and 1122.

Android Phones

Simply go to the settings of the phone and ensure that the SIM is not deactivated there. Insert other working SIM cards in your phone before concluding that you have a network issue with the phones. Sometimes, some people wrongly insert SIM cards on a phone and then conclude that it is not working. If the SIM card is inserted correctly, not deactivated in settings and you have tried more than 2 SIM cards on the phone, it is no more a minor problem. It is a hardware problem. Check with a Phone technician or visit the nearest Carlcare Service Center. If you can do the hardware work, then continue reading.

Network Problem Hardware Solution

If the problem is a hardware problem,then spending hours in the phone settings will not help. Generally most phone network antennas are attached the to back cover of the phone, especially in android phones. If the back casing of the phone is broken or not properly screwed, you may experience no network problem. If the attached network antenna pulls of the back of the casing, the same problem can still occur. A worse scenario is when the connecting metals that connects the phone motherboard or panel to the back casing breaks out.

You don’t want any of those stated above to be the reason why your phone is in a terrible no network condition. If for any odd reasons, they are, you might want to see a phone repairer. Here is an example of Infinix x506 network hardware solution.

The most common way to fix this is by replacing the back battery cover with a good one. But we hardly get these covers. Another approach is by making a connection jumper. Again jumper wires are not good for this job. If non other the preceding ways work, try removing the network antenna from other phone back case and replace it with your own.

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