It’s an interesting  thing to fix your faulty, malfunctioning mobile device personally. So, if you are thinking about how to repair mobile devices, whether for personal maintenance or for commercial purpose, it is something worth trying.

Consider this. There are different types of mobile devices out there with different models and manufacturers. Users of this devices sometimes mishandle them (whether carefree or recklessness), which results to the device damage. Sometimes, there could be manufacturing error on a device which needs to be corrected for a user to be satisfied. For these reasons, device repairers or technicians are needed. But some unprofessional technicians end up destroying the devices they are supposed to repair even more, leaving device users frustrated and in need for expert repairers. And to that end, a person who repairs a mobile device, detects the exact problem, and is able to fix and restore the device to its perfect working condition must be a professional with ‘practical experience’, ‘know-how’, and ‘in-depth technicality’.

In this book, you will learn the easiest way(s) of repairing mobile devices with graphic illustrations in all stages of repair. You will also notice how using your discretion on basic principles will help you detect faults in devices, provide a solution and get it fixed.

This book has been arranged into three sections to help beginners and intermediate as it (1) Provides information on basic repair problems such as necessary repair tools; (2) Reveals names of components found in devices and (3) Enables you detect, fix basic and complex problems in faulty devices. These will be considered in section one.

Sections two and three will touch advanced and complex issues associated with certain devices, and other technicalities associated with certain mobile devices.

Also, the contents of the chapters are brief and very informing in order to make your study easy, straight to the point and interesting.

You will find this book super-beneficial as you embark on your endeavor to repair devices of all kinds irrespective of the model and manufacturer; you can also count on us to help you with whatever assistance you may further need in case of some issues you are unable to handle.

We are confident you will get the most out of this book and look forward to your response soonest since your feedback enable us provide more value to especially our audience.


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