How Much Are Tecno Phone Screens Sold

Need a screen replacement for your phone? Screen get broken all time an at one point or another, a replacement is needed. So, how much does it cost to replace a Tecno phone screen? Well, one cannot be specific here as technicians charges different amounts for the same job. The amount the screen is sold is also a factor to consider. So how much doe a Tecno phone screen cost? How Much Are Tecno Phone Screens Sold?

Different models of Tecno phone have different screen sizes and resolutions and are sold at different cost. So we will list the models of Tecno phone below and the amount their screen are sold for. Please not that these amount can change at any time. Therefore, they should be considered an estimate and not the real amount they are sold for.

How much does it cost to replace a Tecno phone screen?

Tecno Camon C8 Replacement Screen : $32

Tecno Camon C9 Replacement Screen : $39

Tecno H6 Replacement Screen : #1600

Tecno H7 Replacement Screen : $17

Tecno L8 Replacement Battery : $37

Tecno M6 Replacement Battery : $11

Tecno M9 Replacement Screen : $15

Tecno S31 Replacement Screen : $16

Tecno S7 Replacement Screen : $15

Tecno W1 Replacement Screen : $15

Tecno DroidPad Tablet PC 8H Screen Replacement : $22

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