How Much Is Original Tecno Charger

How Much Is Original Tecno Charger

Do you need a new charger? If yes, then you probably need an original charger. One reason why you need the original is that it charges phone batteries faster that the fake charger. A fake charger might also damage your phone, leaving it completely dead. So, you see! You need the original charger. Just How Much Is Original Tecno Charger?

How To Know Original Charger

In Nigeria, almost anything is allowed to be imported, including some gadget that are not really up to standard. Since manufacturers have learned to perfectly clone electronic products, it is hard these days to know which one is original and which one is not. If you have ever bought a new Tecno Phone and have seen the charger that came along with it, you should be able to differentiate an original charger from a fake one.

Original Tecno chargers do not have lights in them. The fake does. Sometimes blue colored light lights up indicating that the charger has been plugged. Original Tecno chargers also just two legs from which they are plugged to a socket. Most other chargers have three and not two.

What Is The Price Of An Original Tecno Phone Charger

There are more than one type of Tecno chargers charging at different capacities. They have been listed below.

Tecno Fast Charger

Tecno Phone Fast charger : #1500

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