How Much Is Infinix Original Battery

Lots of people ask this question when considering replacing their Infinix phone batteries. For one thing, some Infinix phones operate with only inbuilt battery, making it hard for users to easily replace their batteries themselves. If you want to replace your Infinix battery all by your self, then follow this post, How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery (only applies to Infinix Zero family). We can not categorically state or estimate How much a technician will charge for battery replacement, what we can estimate is the amount the these batteries are sold. So, How Much Is Infinix Original Battery?

The amount these batteries are sold is not constant. That means it can change at any time. Therefore, we ask you to consider the amount provided for each Infinix model battery as an estimated amount which we hope will give you a clue of what to expect when you get to a store to purchase a battery.

Infinix Zero Replacement Battery : # 3000

Infinix Zero 2 X509 Replacement Battery : #4000

Infinix Zero 3 Replacement Battery : #4500

Infinix Zero 4 Lite Replacement Battery : #6000

Infinix Hot X507 Replacement Battery : #2000

Infinix Hot 2 Replacement Battery : #3000

Infinix Hot Note 2 Lite Replacement Battery : #5500

Infinix Hot Note 3 Replacement Battery : #5000


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