Lenovo Mobile Phone Problems And Solutions

Lenovo Mobile Phone Problems And Solutions

In some Africa countries like Nigeria, although not highly in use, Lenovo Phones are well known and used by some. elsewhere in the world, Lenovo mobile phones are very popular. However, like every other devices, they have their own problems. In this post we consider some Lenovo Mobile Phone Problems And Solutions.

Lenovo Charging Problem And Solution

So one day you picked your charger and insert it into the charging port of your phone and the phone refused to charge. Here is what you can do. First make sure that the USB cable and charger are working. You can try by inserting the charger in other phones to see if it will work. If it doesn’t, consider changing the charger and the USB cable.

In some cases, the battery will display in critical state in the screen of the phone when the charger is plugged in and the phone is off. It remained like that without actually charging the battery. In this case, the problem if from the battery. Change it. If you have a non removable battery, follow this procedure to remove and replace it.

Lenovo Phone Power On/Off Problem And Solution

The first thing you want to check is the battery. You will have to determine whether it good or bad. If you have a Lenovo device with a  removable battery, use your tongue to touch the terminals of the battery. If you sense a little shock it might still be healthy. If you don’t, then change it. Also clean the battery terminal and insert it back into the phone. Hopefully, the phone should turn on.

In some cases, the power key in the phone may be responsible for this problem. After working on the battery or probably replacing it, if the phone still won’t turn on, then have a technician work on it.

Lenovo Phones OverHeating problem And Solutions

Like every other mobile device, your Lenovo phone may get extremely hot if you run a high-end game and application for too long. Avoid keeping your phone in a hot place and if charging makes it get hot, then turn it off before you charge it. One more thing that may be necessary depending on the degree of hotness is uninstalling high end apps from the phone and immediately closing background apps after use.

Lenovo Phone Hangs Or Freezes

This is easy to solve. Simply reset the phone to factory default and you are done. Sometimes, it may help it you update the version of the operating system your are running on.

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