How To Know An Original Tecno Phone and Battery

How To Know An Original Tecno Phone and Battery

Everyone is looking to buy an original android device and not the fake one. Not too long ago, a friend of mine got a new Infinix Hot Note phone from a local store. He thought he had bought something good ans worthwhile. Unfortunately for him, he had bought a fake Hot Note. The result was that he has to flash the phone almost every month until it finally died. For this reason lots of people often ask How To Know An Original Tecno Phone and Battery. The answer is not that far away.

Today there are lots of fake or copy Tecno phones all around us. These clone phones look so real and almost exactly as the original. Don’t be among one of the hundreds of people that buy these devices. Lets see how we can get you to Know An Original Tecno Phone and Battery.

The Settings

Go to the settings of the phone and scroll down to the “About phone”, click on it and see if the model of the phone is really what it should be. If, for example, you are buying Tecno P5, the model of the phone in the settings should display Tecno P5. If it does not, it is a clone phone. You may not want to buy it.

The Screen Resolution and the graphics

Tecno phones have comparatively high quality screen resolution and graphics. Be observant, if the screen is not as clear as it should be and the graphics are not sharp much the way tecno screen graphics are, the you have seen a fake device. BBe careful.

Too Cheap To Be Considered

Ok, I know Africans like cheap things, even the Americans do too. But what if a device becomes to cheap. You expect that Tecno P5 should be about #15k and at the phone store you are told #12k as the initial prize. My adverse, run for your life.

The Boot Logo And Sound

Most fake phones cannot copy exactly the Tecno logo and sound when booting. Be weary of this when making a purchase.

How To Know A Fake Battery 

Fake batteries are hard to identify. If the battery is not the original one that comes with the phone, than you can hardly get a replacement that is as strong as the original. Whatever the case is, try manage battery life with the help of this post.

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