Kimfly Z9 Specifications, Price And Reviews

Kimfly Z9 Specifications, Price And Reviews

Kimfly Z9 Specifications, Price And Reviews

Kimfly Z9 Specifications, Price And Reviews

Among the Z series of Kimfly phones is the Kimfly Z9. It appears that the M series of Kimfly phones are more updated and have better designs than the Z series. However, with some basic features of the Z9, we have some reasons to qualify the Kimfly Z9 as good device for buyers with limited budget. We consider the Kimfly Z9 Specifications, Price And Reviews below.

Consider for example, the battery capacity of this phone. It is 2,100mAh unlike most others with less than 2,000mAh battery capacity. On the average, the battery has a pass mark. Another feature worthy of noticing is the SIM slot. It has a dual SIM slot. Again, some Kimfly phone have just one SIM slot and this is an advantage for this phone.

Consider another example. Although the phone is poor on some features like the camera, the RAM and even the android version it operate on, the internal storage memory of the phone is 4GB. This is great for a low end cheap mobile phone like this. With 4GB of storage space and extendable memory of up to 32GB, you can be sure to keep all your valuable files safe in one device.

Kimfly Z9 Price

Kimfly Z9 : $49 Or ₦18,000

The price here is not the exact cost of this device, It should be considered as an estimate since the prices of any device is subject to change with time. Therefore the price here should guide you when making decisions or considering buying this phone.

Kimfly Z9 Details

  • Device Manufacturer : Kimfly
  • Brand Name : Kimfly Z9
  • Model : Z9
  • Color : White and others
  • Android Version : 4.4.2 KitKat
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Internal Memory : 4 GB
  • SIM : Dual SIM
  • Network : GSM850/1800/190MHZ
  • Connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth V2.1, USB 2.0
  • Multimedia : FM Radio, Mp3, Mp4
  • Battery Capacity : BL-4D 2100mAh Battery
  • Camera : Front 2MP, Back 3MP  HD Camera with Flash Light
    Social Connectivity : Facebook, Whatsapp, Email etc.
  • In Build Application : Whatsapp, Facebook etc
  • Accessories : 1 Brand New Mobile, Earphone, Charger, Battery, Premium Leather , Transparent

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