Kimfly Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

Kimfly Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

Kimfly Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

Looking to buy a kimfly mobile phone this season? Its not a bad choice though. Kimfly mobile devices are have taking a great part in the Nigerian market in recent times. Loved by millions of users, it keeps spreading its winds all over the country. In this post, we consider some Kimfly Phone Advantages And Disadvantages.

Advantages Of Kimfly Phones

  • Kimfly phones are cheap
  • Kimfly phones are often light and pocket friendly
  • Kimly phones usually have nice designs
  • Kimfly phones support dual SIMs
  • Kimfly phones have fairly good battery capacity

Disadvantages Of Kimfly Phones

  • Kimfly Phones Battery capacity could be improved for inproved battery life
  • Kimfly phones graphics are comparatively poor
  • Kimfly Phones camara are a little poor and could be improved
  • Kimfly phones OS cannot be updated

Are Kimfly Phones Good?

Consider the Kimfly Z10 with a 2100 mAh battery capacity and Android 4.4.2 Operating System. Like other phones such as tecno phones, it can browse, whatapp, play videos of different formats and transer files through bluetooth connections.what more can one ask for. The same goes for other Kimfly phones like the Kimfly M2, M8, Z6 and the other models.

All phones cannot be the same, but Kimfly devices are good phones.

Kimfly M8 Full Specification And Price 

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  1. Dark Mode says:

    My friend offered me to buy Kimfly. I’ve never pay some attention to Kimfly before. I agree that Kimfly are cheap, and it is a good choice for low budget. I think it is good as secondary phone or phone fo children. But if there are owners of Kimfly could you give me some advice about right model, under N30 000 here: Where i’m going to buy. Good advice would be great!

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