Kimfly Mobile Phones Specification And Price

Kimfly Mobile Phones Specification And Price

There are lots of kimfly phones in the market today. Few years ago, the name “Kimfly” never existed in Africa, at least not publicly known as it is today. And what about it! are these phone good enough? Do they worth the mouth they are sold for. Come to think of it, there are other devices like Tecno, Infinix and Itel all around us. So what do we need the Kimfly phones for? A review of some Kimfly Mobile Phones Specification And Price will answer these questions.

Kimfly Mobile Phones Specification And Price

One reason why lots of people like this phone is because it is cheap in the market. A pretty clean designed android phone can also work perfectly as a gift to others. This is an advantage. Kimfly phones supports dual SIM cards and their battery capacities are not that bad. Here are their specs and price.

Kimfly M2 Specification And Price

Jumia =  #28,720
Knoga = #28,980

Good to be true, this phone runs on android Android 5.1 Lollipop with 2000mAh battery capacity. Ok, I know the battery capacity is small, after all, you have lots of things to do with an android app.  See the Kimfly M2 full specs here here

Kimfly M4 Specification And Price

  • Jumia = $55.71 Or ₦20,000 Or R35,86.05
  • Konga = $55.71 Or ₦20,000 Or R35,86.05

Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review

With a price of about $55.71 Or ₦20,000 Or R35,86.05, this cheap Kimfly device has a supper slim device and it is powerful as a low-end mobile phone. Some key features of this phone includes 8GB ROM, Processor of 3GHz Quad Core, battery capacity of 2,800mAh and a 5.1 Lollipop Operating System. See the Kimfly M4 Full Specification And Price details here

Kimfly M5 Specificarion And Price

  • Jumia = #25,000
  • Konga = #18,810

The Kimflly M5 runs on android 5.1 Lollipop with a ROM of 8GB and extendable SD card of up to 32GB. It has Light sensor, proximity sensor,acceleration sensor and supports Wifi. The battery capacity is 2000mAh and it supports dual SIM. See the Kimfly M5 Full Specification And Price detail here

Kimfly Master M6 Specification And Price

  • Jumia = #18,000
  • Konga = #18,810

This phone comes with three different colors, white, gold and gray with a 5MP back camera. The RAM is 512MB, the ROM is 8GB with 3G browsing network but just one SIM slot space. This means that it does not support two SIM at the same time. See the Kimfly Master M6 Specifications And Price full details here

Kimfly M7 Specifications And Price

  • Jumia = $61.2 Or ₦22,000 Or R3,946.33
  • Konga = $61.2 Or ₦22,000 Or R3,946.33

Just like some others in the M series, the M7 comes with 2GB RAM and runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating System and powered by a processor of ghz lolipop. Check out the Complete Kimfly M7 details here

Kimfly M8 Specification And Price

Jumia = #23,900
Knoga = Not available

Like most Tecno phones, Kimfly M8 has 4 GIG internal storage space. Not bad at all right? This is where it gets bad, it supports only one SIM card and not two. However, the battery capacity is 2800mAh which is much better than the M2. The M2 and M8 both run Android 5.1 OS. You can view the full specification of Kimfly M8 here.

Kimfly Z6 Specification And Price

Jumia = #22,700
Konga = Not available

I have to say this, but I just have to. The battery capacity is just 1,000mAh. Well, that’s why you have your charger. Android 4.4 OS smartphone with Auto focus camera. Find all details of the Kimfly Z6 here.

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  1. Dark Mode says:

    My friend offered me to buy Kimfly. I’ve never pay some attention to Kimfly before. I agree that Kimfly are cheap, and it is a good choice for low budget. I think it is good as secondary phone or phone fo children. But if there are owners of Kimfly could you give me some advice about right model, under N30 000 here: Where i’m going to buy. Good advice would be great!

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