Kimfly M9 Specifications, Price And Review

Kimfly M9 Specifications, Price And Review

Kimfly M9 Specifications, Price And Review

Kimfly M9 Specifications, Price And Review

The M series of Kimfly phones are great and thought to beat the Z series. However, one has to reconsider his stands following the fact that some features of the Z series worth more than the M series. For example, the Kimfly M9 that we are considering operate on single SIM while the Kimfly Z9 operate on dual SIM. This is a plus for the Z9. Let us Consider more Kimfly M9 Specifications, Price And Review.

In some Features, then two series mentioned above, i.e Z9 and M9, both have similarities. Example is their RAM of 512MB and battery capacity of 2,800mAh each. 2,800mAh of battery is surely a good deal with the m9 and will last way longer when compared with the Kimfly Z6.

What set the boundaries between Kimfly M9 and other members of the Z series is that it runs on android version 5.1 operating system while the Z series runs on android version 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. Although the camera is a bit poor, we condiser this phone an ideal phone for those on low budget

How Much Is Kimfly M9

Kimfly Z9 : $49 Or ₦18,000

The price here is not the exact cost of this device, It should be considered as an estimate since the prices of any device is subject to change with time. Therefore the price here should guide you when making decisions or considering buying this phone.

Kimfly M9 Details

  • Operating system : Android 5.1
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Storage : 4 GB
  • Operation frequency : 3G
  • SIM : Single SIM
  • Display : 5.0 inch 480*800 capacitive touch
  • Touch screen : Yes
  • Back Camera : 2.0 MP
  • Front Camera : 0.3 MP
  • Battery : 2800mAh
  • Bluetooth : Yes
  • FM Radio : Yes via earphone
  • Expansion card : Yes
  • Dimension : 152*75*8.6
  • Wifi : Yes
  • Flash Led : Yes


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