Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review

Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review

Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review

Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review

One reason why lots of people love this device is its neat design. This is one of my favorite in the Kimfly M series. Apart from the cute design, it also has a good and strong battery of 2,800mAh. This is amazing for a low end android phone for those on low budget. Unlike some other Kimfly models with less than 2,200mAh of battery capacity, the M4 will ensure a long time use without thinking of charging it. So, let’s consider in full the Kimfly M4 Specification, Price And Review.

OK. Stated above is the neat design and strong battery capacity of the M4. But this phone also has some features that are poor and needs improvements. For example, the RAM is just 512MB and this is poor. It could have been improve so it could accommodate more apps and games. This is one key problem with Kimfly phones. However how net the design may be, they always end up with a RAM of 512MB.

Should one consider buying this phone? Its up to you. This phone is not that expensive and runs smooth without lagging, freezing, hanging or heating up. This is an advantage for most Kimfly phones. The price is cheap and the phone runs on two SIMs. There is nothing wrong in considering this device for purchase.

How Much Is Kimfly M4

Kimfly Z9 : $55.71 Or 20,000 Or R35,86.05

The price here is not the exact cost of this device, It should be considered as an estimate since the prices of any device is subject to change with time. Therefore the price here should guide you when making decisions or considering buying this phone.

Kimfly M4 Details

  • Display : 5.0 Inch IPS
  • RAM : 512MB
  • ROM : 8GB
  • Processor : 3GHz Quad Core
  • Operating System : 5.1 Lollipop
  • Rear Camera : 5MP
  • Front Camera : 1.9MP
  • SIM : Dual SIM
  • Battery Capacity : 2,800mAh


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