Kimfly M12 Specification, Reviews And Price

Kimfly M12 Specification, Reviews And Price

Kimfy M12 is one of the models in the Kimfly master series. How much is the Kimfly m12 and what are their specifications? We considers just that in this post. The battery capacity, the storage capacity, the features and design of this phone will be considered in a moment. So here are the Kimfly M12 Specification, Reviews And Price.

First of, it should be noted that the battery capacity of the m12 is way better than other Kimfly phones. With 2,800mAh of battery capacity, the m12 is better than the m11 with 2300mAh battery capacity and most other Kimfly models of less than 2000mAh of battery capacity. Even the RAM of 1GB is better than that of m11 with 512MB. The Kimfly M12 is surely an updated version of M11. So how much does this phone cost?

How Much Is Kimfly M12?

Kimfly M12 : $65 Or ₦21,500

The price here is not the exact cost of this device, It should be considered as an estimate since the prices of any device is subject to change with time. Therefore the price here should guide you when making decisions or considering buying this phone.

Kimfly M12 Details

  • Brand : Kimfly Android
  • Model : M12
  • Color : Gold and others
  • RAM : 1GB
  • Storage Capacity : 1GB
  • Operating System : Android version 6.0
  • Battery Capacity : 2,800mAh
  • Screen Size : 5.5 inch
  • Rear Camera : 8.0 pixel

We do not have all the details of the Kimfly M12 here. But it is a phone worth considering. The Android version of 6.0 is sufficient for such a device as this and it is a great choice for those on low budget.

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