Kimfly M11 Specifications, Price And Details

Kimfly M11 Specifications, Price And Details

The Kimfly M11 is rightly called a “Cheap Phone”. Maybe because of it’s RAM, camera quality or low screen resolution. Do not get confused. The phone is considered cheap, but it still runs on android SPRD 7731C CPU with an auto focus camera. We consider some of the specifications, reviews, details and price of the Kimfly M11 below – Kimfly M11 Specifications Price And Details.

Kimfly M11 Price

The price of this phone is about  54 USD or 18,000 NGN. It should be noted that this phone is not easily found online for purchase and the price is only an estimate. You may find it way cheaper or higher than the amount here as a result of change in price or change in foreign currency rate.

Kimfly M11 Specifications

  • Brand Name : WOWO
  • Model Number : M11
  • RAM : 1GB
  • CPU : SPRD 7731C
  • Memory : 512MB+4GB
  • Screen Resolution : 1280×720
  • Camera : Rear < 3Mega Pexel
  • camera : FRONT 2.0Mega pixels
  • Network : 3G
  • Battery : 2300mAh
  • Color : Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, White
  • Features : Real MP3, MP4/Bluetooth/FM, Auto Focus
  • Language : multi languages

Details Of Kimfly M11

The phone have multiple colors to choose from and that is great. Unlike most other Kimfly phones with less than 2,000mAh of battery capacity, the M11 has up to 2,300mAh of battery capacity. The battery will simply last way longer than other models of Kimfly phones. A memory of 512MB is really low and this could have be improved as only limited files can be saved in the internal memory of the phone.

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