keypad mobile Phones with whatsapp

keypad mobile Phones with whatsapp

So you have a keypad phone and don’t want to miss out on whatsapp or you are looking for affordable cost efficient keypad phone that whatsapp. Whatever the case may be, you can get a keypad non android phone that supports whatsapp. In this post , keypad mobile Phones with whatsapp, we consider a few of them below. The majority of which are Nokia keypad phones.


keypad mobile with whatsapp

  1. Nokia 206
  2. Nokia 208
  3. Nokia 301
  4. Nokia 505
  5. Nokia Asha 201
  6. Nokia Asha 205 Chat edition
  7. Nokia Asha 210
  8. Nokia Asha 230
  9. Nokia Asha 302
  10. Nokia Asha 303
  11. Nokia x2-00
  12. Nokia X2-01
  13. Nokia X3-01


Are there no other devices whatsapp apart from Nokia keypad phones? Of course there are. However, unlike most Nokia keypad phones that comes with whatsapp installed by default, other keypad phones require that you download the app in their extension to access whatsapp.

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