All Itel phones Charging Problems And Solutions

All Itel phones Charging Problems And Solutions

There are lots of people using Itel mobile phones today. Like other phones, Itel android and non android phones can develop charging problems. Some of the charging problems and solutions considered here are minor faults that requires the users attention while others are a little complex and requires the attention of a technician. As we consider All Itel phones Charging Problems And Solutions, we will take a look at some Itel phones such as Itel it1701, Itel It1702, Itel It1503, Itel It1502, Itel It1501 and a host of other.

Itel Phones Minor Charging Problems And Solutions

Minor charging problems of Itel phones range from the USB cable to the charging port. As a user, it your Itel phone develop charging problem, checking if the charger and USB cable are working properly is the first thing to do. To check if a USB cable and a charger are working as they should, try charge another mobile phone with the same USB cable and charger. If it does bot work, it means that the USB cable and charger are bad.

Another thing to watch out for when experiencing charging problem with your Itel phone is your Battery. If the battery is unhealthy and drained below a certain level, it will be difficult for a working charger to boost it up back to normal. However, in this situation, An indication of unhealthy battery will be displayed in the screen of the phone when charging. The solution is simply to change the battery.

OK, what we have above is just scratch in the surface. Charging problem could be worse. So, if the above recommendation fail to sort the issue with your phone, then you may need to contact a phone technician for help.

Itel Phones Charging Problems And Hardware Solutions

The following solutions should only be attempted by expert repairers. Solutions to Itel android and non android phones are are provided below. Please follow the link for specific model below to get the picture for jumper connections respectively. All charging connections for Itel phones are not the same even though similar. Some have their Charging port at the base of the phone while others are at the top of the phone. The position of the charging ports in PCBs (motherboard) are also different. For this reason, we provide the jumper connection way for different models below.

Hardware Charging Solution For Itel Android Phones

Itel It1503
The jumper connection way for Itel it1503 charging port is right under the camera clip close to the charging port. See picture. tel It1503 Charging Solution – USB Way

Itel It1501
Itel it1501 has its charging port and connection way in the main PCB. Itel it1501 USB Port Connection Way Solution

Itel It1500

Find the Itel it1500 charging solution here Itel It1500 Charging Solution – USB Jumper Way

Itel It1507
The Itel has a charging port positioned in the secondary PCB. The connection way can be found here it1507  Itel it1507 USB Charging Port Problem Connection Way Solution

Itel It1451
The USB charging port for this model is in the secondary PCB. The connection ways in the main PCB is indicated in the picture found in the link Itel it1451 Charging solution – USB way

Itel It1403+
See the Itel it1403+ USB connection way and solution in the picture here Itel it1403+ Charging Port Solution

Itel It6800

Here is the connection solution for this model Itel It6800 Charging Solution – USB Jumper Way

Itel It6200
Find the connection way for Itel it2060 charging solution here Itel It6200 Repair Solution

Itel Non Android Phones Charging Hardware Solutions

Itel It5231
Find the connection way for the USB charging port in the keypad area of the phone Itel it5231 USB Port Connection Way Solution

Itel It2060

See the Itel it2060 USB connection way here Itel it2060 charging port


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