Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Itel hones are great devices these days. Itel S12, S32 and S33, just to name a few, are some of their recent designs that really demonstrate the full capacity of Itel,s strength. However, like every other device out there, Itel phones are not free of problems. So in this post we consider some Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them.

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Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Problems Of Itel Phones And Solutions – How To Fix Them

There are few difference between Itel phones and other major competing phones like Tecno and Infinix phones. One of the differences is the casing or body build. With itel phones, the body build is one major problem. Let us have a list.


List Of Itel Phone Problems

  1. Casing
  2. Graphics Display
  3. Audio Sound
  4. Charging
  5. Camera Quality

1. Problems With Itel Phones Casing

Most of their casing is built with brittle plastic material. This makes it easy to brake when it accidentally drops. Since Itel mobile do not provide additional casing and  replacement are not sold in the market, it becomes difficult for many Itel phone users.

Itel phone casing issue is just a challenge and not a technical problem that needs fixing. The best solution is protecting your phone from falling accidentally – Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

2. Itel Phones Poor Graphic Display Problem

Not until recently, Itel phones have had hard times with your screen graphics. Poor image and video quality has led itel phone, especially the android phones, for so long. Is there a solution to this?

The answer is no. If you already purchase an Itel phone with poor graphic, you may have to continue with it just the way you got it. The reason is because no one wants to temper with the chipset that controls the graphic display of your phone.

3. Low Audio Sound Problem

The later models of Itel mobile phones are doing exceedingly well when it comes to sound effects. However, the older versions are so poor. If you already have one of the older versions with you and not pleased with the sound, here is what you can do.

Download special audio and video player apps from Google play store and set their sound effects accordingly. This cannot be compared with other models with better sound quality but, is is quite better.


4. Itel Phones Charging Problems

Like every other phones, Itel phones sometimes have challenges with their charging system. Very often, it is the problem of the charger itself or the USB cable used for the charging. Whatever the cause, the phone may either charge faster than usual, slow than usual or not charge at all.

Wen the phone charges faster than usual, it is often the fault of the battery. It simply should be replaced. That settles it.

When the phone charges slower than it should, the charger and USB cable should be replaced. Lack of proper contact between the charger and the phone’s charging port is responsible for this.

If the phone does not charge at all, then consider replacing charging port of the phone only after changing few chargers to ensure that the problem is not from the charger. It will also help to try change your battery too.


5. Itel Phones Camera Quality

Frankly, some models have poor camera. It will take a good app from Google play store to improve the camera quality. But don’t expect too much – Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

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