Itel It6200 Repair Solution

WARNING: Do not try the following if you are not a mobile device technician as you may damage you device in the process – Itel It6200 Repair Solution. To learn to repair mobile devices, please follow our online course here.
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Itel It6200 Repair Solution

Find all the solutions to Itel it6200 in the picture below. We have provided the solutions to the MIC (mouthpiece), the solutions to the USB port terminals, the solutions to the battery terminals and the solutions to the SIM sit terminals. The information in the picture is accurate and reliable. with it, you can fix your faulty Itel it6200 back to normal.


Itel It6200 Repair Solution

Itel It6200 SIM Sit Repair Solution

The SIM sit terminals for Itel it 6200 have alternative connections close to it. But it will be a bit difficult to create jumpers for them as the components they connect to are close and tiny. Use the pictures above to determine how to create your jumpers.

Itel It6200 USB Port Repair Solution

The USB port does not have the DM, DP, VBUS notation on the PCB as other devices do. However, the alternative connection ways have been determined in the picture above. Like the SIM terminal jumper, care is seriously needed to make this jumper. The components to connect the USB terminals to are still close and can create a bridge during jumper creation if care is not taken.

Itel It6200 MIC Repair Solution

The MIC jumper way is indicated in the picture above. For quick understanding and easy connection, the MIC section of the picture has been edited.

Itel It6200 Battery Terminals Repair Solution

Be sure to look at the way the jumpers were created again before you make your own jumper connections. The middle terminal and the GND terminal can be confusing.

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