Itel It2060 All Connection Ways And Repair

WARNING: Do not try the following if you are not a mobile device technician as you may damage you device in the process – how to repair itel it2060. To learn to repair mobile devices, please follow our online course here.
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How To Repair Itel It2060

Find The keypad connection in the picture below for itel it2060 non android phone. Also is the LED connection way for the keypad and the screen. The speaker alternative jumper connection. as well as the MIC alternative jumpers connections are available too. In the other bottom picture, you will find the alternative connection part for the charging port, the SIM slot, the SD card slot, the REC, and the battery terminals.

How to repair itel it2060

 Get a full size and clearer image here. Its free.

Itel it2060 Keypad Connection and Repair

In case of faulty or malfunctioning keys in this phone, check out the connections above and find how you can solve your key problem. The connection above are reliable and accurately read.

Itel it2060 Speaker Connection And Repair. 

The other connection for the speaker is at the back side of the PCB close to the SIM sit.

Itel it2060 MIC Connection And Repair. 

The alternative connection is just above the original position as indicated in the picture above. This will not be difficult to handle.

Itel it2060 LED Connection And Repair. 

The keypad light positive terminal is the same as the screen light positive terminal. The negative terminals for both are different.


How to repair Itel it2060

Get a full size and clearer image here. Its free.

Itel it2060 SD Card Connection And Repair. 

The alternative connection part for the SD card is just by the side and really easy to make the jumpers here. Follow the color jumper connection above and fix your SD card error. Use a meter to read the connections first before making the jumper in order to be sure that the problem is really a broken connection.

Itel it2060 Battery Terminal Connection And Repair. 

The positive terminal (VBAT) of the battery contact can be connected to the either the positive led positive terminal on the keypad or on the screen.

Itel it2060 SIM Card Slot Connection And Repair. 

Find all the correct connections above in the image for the SIM card connection.

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