Itel it1552 Full Specification and Price

Sorry , there appears to be no Itel it1552 for Itel phone now. You can find the specification to Itel it1551, it1553, it5010 and others around this site and other sites as well – Itel it1552 Full Specification and Price.

About Itel Phones

Itel it1552 Full Specification and Price

Itel mobile phones are among the leading phones in the Nigerian mobile market. From 2007 to 2016, their customers have increased globally with offices in over 45 countries. Itel devices are becoming popular every day as they get lots of supports from their customers. In 2016, itel has delivered 50+ million mobile phones to worldwide consumers in the hope of expanding people’s networking scope.

Itel Phones are mostly used in Africa in countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria. This is the company’s focus and strategy. Their phone runs on Android operating system or on MOS operating system (keypad phones)




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