Itel It1503 All Connection Ways And Repair

WARNING: Do not try the following if you are not a mobile device technician as you may damage you device in the process – How to repair Itel it1503. To learn to repair mobile devices, please follow our online course here.
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How To Repair Itel It1503

Below is the picture of Itel it1503 PCb and all jumper connection ways. Find the correct jumper part for you connection and fix your device. Bellow, is the alternative connection for the speaker, the mouth piece, the motor, the battery terminals, the USB way, the volume key control keys and the power keys.


How to repair Itel it1503

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Itel it1503 USB Connection

To see the alternative points for the USB connection for Itel it1503, you will have to remove the front camera from its position and then you will find the VBUS, the BOOT, the DM and the DP points. connect accordingly. see the picture for the connection above.


How to repair Itel it1503

Get a full size and clearer image here. Its free.

Itel it1503 Speaker, Vibrator and Mouthe Piece Connection.

There are two PCBs in Itel it1503 – the main PCB and the secondary PCB.. The mouth piece (MIC), the Vibrator (motor), and the speaker are all located in the Secondary PCB at the bottom. If the flex connecting them to the main PCB get damaged or the led for one of these pulls off the secondary board, the picture above will help you reestablish your connection.

Itel it1503 SIM Slot Connection 

The connection part for the SIM slot is indicated. It is easy to create a connection. The points of connection are close and big enough to easily solder a jumper wire.

Itel it1503 Battery Terminal

Connect the positive battery terminal to the VBAT at the back of the battery contact.

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