Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Itel 2090, a MOS keypad phone, elegantly designed with dual SIM slot features has gone wild by displaying all white in the screen. No information is displayed, no icon showed up in the screen, it is just plain white – Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

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Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Before we get a solution, you must understand that this problem is not common. If your itel 2090 screen just turn white for the first time, then you need to run the basics first. You have to restart the phone and observe if the problem is solved. If not, then remove SIM cards and memory card from the phone and try again. Sometimes, corrupt memory and SIM cards can result in white screen display problem.

When the above suggestion has been carried out and the problem still won’t go away, a more technical method is required. Either the hardware method or the software method is needed to solve the problem.


How To Solve Itel 2090 White Screen Problem Using The Hardware Method

Before using this method, be sure that the phone functions normally. You can receive calls with it, make calls, turn the torch on and hear the keypad sound as you press the phone keypads. When the screen displays white yet responding to all the above, then the solution is simply screen replacement.

In replacing the screen, a technician should know that compatibility problem might surface. This means that some screens might not work for the phone when soldered even though they are the correct screens meant for the phone. You should take your time to try series of screen

How To Solve Itel 2090 White Screen Problem Using The Software Method

In this method, the phone does not respond when the keypad is pressed, does not receives calls and it’s just stuck. The solution to this problem is flashing the phone. Unfortunately, we do not have the flash files nor the flashing software at this times.

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