Infinix Zero Won’t Turn On – Not Powering On Solution

Infinix Zero Won’t Turn On – Not Powering On Solution

If your Infinix Zero won’t turn on don’t worry. I know this sounds crazy, you have important calls to make, chat with someone, and run some few more stuff with your device and now someone said you shouldn’t worry. Really, you should be worried. But the solution to your issue might just be surprisingly easy to deal with by you. How? Lets find out fix solution to Infinix Zero that won’t turn on – Infinix Zero Won’t Turn On – Not Powering On Solution.

Charge You Infinix Zero For Long

It could just be that the battery drained way beyond the 0%. In some cases the phone appears to be dead and charging for few minutes will not make the phone respond. If your phone is dead, this might just be the problem. Charge it with a better charger and USB cable.

Change Your Infinix Zero Battery

When the battery dies, it stops giving charges or supplying power to the phone. Charging it now for a hundred years with the best charger and USB cable will bring no positive result. The solution is simply changing the battery. However, the battery is inbuilt and cannot be easily removed by you. In this post, How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery, a step by step guide with picture is provided in order for you to easily remove and replace your Infinix Hot Note battery.

Other Possibilities Of Reviving Your Infinix Zero

If the phone come in contact with water powering on may be a problem. It is recommended that you turn your phone off and keep it in a hot place for a long time so that the water can dry out. If the two method above fail to fix the issue, just try keep your phone dry. Sometimes, water may enter into the phone without you being aware.

Still, as surprising as it may seem, removing and replacing with the same battery is all that is needed to revive your phone. The battery terminals inside may have lost contact with the phone’s main circuit panel. This can be caused by water, rust (rust caused by water), and dirt.

Is your charging port working? You have to check this too. If it is not, the battery completely drains and the phone will never turn on until it is fixed and the battery charged. Fixing of USB terminals should be done by only Technicians.

The power key may be bad and needs either replacement or jumper connection. This should also be done by a technician.

These are the dead solutions to Infinix Zero you can try in order to revive your phone.


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