Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working

Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working

Are you experiencing this problem with your Infinix X600 now? If so, we have put together some useful information here that may help you solve this issue. Each day, there are complaints from many smart phone users about wifi and Bluetooth connection problems. However, In this post we will focus on Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working.

Infinix X600 Problems - Wifi Bluetooth Not Working

Phone in consideration: Infinix x600. Wifi and Bluetooth not working

Why Is Infinix X600 Wifi And Bluetooth Not Working?

In most cases, Wifi and Bluetooth problems are software related, that is, they are not caused buy a specific physical damage to the device. No part of the phone has to be broken to experience this. It sometimes usually happens after a failed update or what seem to be a successful update.

Also, there are some instances where this problem occur after flashing the phone. When the wrong or already corrupt flash files is used to flash the phone there is a possibility that the wifi and Bluetooth may not work, at least, not properly.

Another known reason is long hours of use of the device. If the processor that runs the most activities of the is a human giant, then they often get tired just like us after being stressed. When the phone has been operational for more that a few hours, Bluetooth and wifi problems and things like that are what you get.

Only on few occasion is this problem hardware related. In this case, the network antenna located inside the phone may not be well in contact with the network area located on the back casing of the phone. Learn more on this here

How To Fix Infinix X600 Wifi And Bluetooth Problem – For Users

The first step to take is to double check to ensure you are doing every thing right. Could it be that you recently installed a new app that is interfering the operations of wifi and Bluetooth? If so, then you may need to disable them in settings. Check this post on how to disable apps in phone settings.

The second step to take is to reboot the phone (turn the phone off and then turn it on again) to refresh its processor (Android UI/ System Ui). Then proceed to next step if this step fail to solve the issue.

Next, consider factory resetting your phone. This will erase all your files, so you may need to do backup. This step is as far a user can go. If the problem continues, contact a repairer. Check the picture below on how to factory reset android version 7.0.

Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working

Infinix X600 Wifi And Bluetooth Solution – Phone Repairer

If you are a repairer please repeat the steps provided for users above. Then determine if the problem is hardware related or not. Open the phone, clean the network antennas off dust and particles, lift antennas upwards a bit to establish strong connection after closing the phone and then close the phone. That’s all.

When it is observed to be software related and factory reset fail to solve the issue, it is necessary to flash the phone with the correct and incorrupt file.

Infinix X600 Wifi IC

Does Infinix X600 has wifi ic? The answer is NO. Usually, it is an in-built network antenna with some network related components.

This post is about Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working. Learn more about the prices of Infinix Phones Here

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