Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution – Make It Work

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

Infinix X551 is among those stunning devices with fast internet connections. However, in some cases, mobile network (internet network required for browsing) may not work properly while the network bar remain in tact. In rear cases, the network bar may disappear for almost forever. What could be the cause of this Infinix X551 Network   Problem And Solution?

No Network On My Infinix X551 – The Cause

There have been lots of complaints on lost of network on this device after efforts to update it. Whether the update is successful or not this issue might appear. Other users experienced loss of network on their Infinix X551 after a long period of usage, like downloading heavy file for a long time and exposing the phone to excessive heat that results from such misuse.

On some other occasions we were made aware by various users at different times that their phones loss of mobile network occur after flashing it. It is only on few occasion we got informed that loss of network happens without no just cause(The user might have previously done something without being aware).

How To Fix Infinix X551 Network Problem – User

Earlier, I have written a little general piece on this topic How To Solve Network Problem In Android

First of, majority of mobile network issues are software related. Only few are hardware based. In either case there is only little the user can do. If you are a user, here is what you can try.

  1. Check the settings of the phone to be sure nothing went wrong there
  2. restart (reboot) the device if the settings seem good
  3. factory reset the phone from the settings if step 2 does not work
  4. have a technician work on the phone if problem continues.

How To Make Infinix X55 Mobile Network Work – Technician

When the issue is hardware based cleaning of the internal network antenna and making sure relevant antennas are in contact should be given attention – Infinix X506

The image above should guide the technician on Infinix X551 Network Problem  Solution. Notice that the PBC (motherboard) above represents Infinix X506 and not X551. However, both phones both phones can be repaired with same method because they have almost the same antenna structure.

If the problem is software related, flashing the device is the next step to take. If the phone has been flashed previously, flashing again with a different flash file should be done. An instruction on how to flash phones can be found here How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

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