Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

Infinix has become a very popular phone with lots of users across Africa and Asia. One good thing about these phones specifically is their fast charging features. There are those who bought this make because the fast charging capacity that is built with some Infinix phones and and their chargers. Maybe you are one of them – Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions.

What turned out to be an exciting feature suddenly turned to be hurtful as your Infinix phone no longer flash charge. and soon you started searching for Infinix Phone Charging Slow and My Infinix Hot Note Is Not Charging Fast on Google search. Let’s get you a solution.

Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

How To Make Infinix Phone Charge Faster

The first thing to do is to determine the reason for the slow charging. If it doesn’t charge at all, then try to learn the reason. What recently changed that led to the situation? See some reasons below.

Infinix Phone Does Not Charge At All

Try  the following steps:

  1. Get a better charger. If you are certain that the charger is good enough and can consistently charge similar phones, then proceed to the next step
  2. Evaluate the battery strength. Phone batteries usually get weaker with time. At a certain point in the battery’s lifespan, it might stop taking charges because it is too weak to do so. If you suspect that this might be the reason, then consider changing the battery.
  3. Clean the charging port in the phone. Sometimes, dust might interfere in the connection between the the charger and the charging terminals in the charging port of the phone. Brushing off dirt gently from the charging port might do the trick.
  4. Have a technician check and repair or replace the charging port. Note that when roughly replaced, it can cause more harm to the phone. It is wise to consult a trusted repairer.

Infinix Phone Does Not Flash Charge

When your Infinix phone starts giving flash charging issues, there are few things responsible. Lets list them below.

  1. Check to see if flash charging is activated in the phone settings. Head to settings, then to battery and activate flash charge. When deactivated, your phone will not charge fast even when using an original flash charger.
  2. Make sure that the charger flash charges. The USB cable in particular can prevent your Infinix phone from flash charging. Try a different charger or USB cable.
  3. One more reason for this problem is a faulty charging port. The contact points between the charger’s insert point and the charging port in the phone might not be well established. Contact a competent repairer for assistance.


Infinix Phone Charges slow

So you plug in your charger and return after a while to check the progress of the charging. Whoa! Just 2% increase after all this time. What went wrong?

  1. The first thing to check is the charger. Chargers have different charging capacities. The local cheap chargers found in the common market around us cannot charge android phones with high battery capacities like the Infinix phones. It is necessary to get better and stronger chargers.
  2. Again, check the charging port. Sometimes, though, the charger may expound the charging port of the phone due to frequent.


Infinix Phone Discharges When Charging

When the battery percentage is reducing instead of increasing when a charger is plunged in, there is obviously something wrong. It could be that the charger does not have the capacity to properly charge the phone or the phone’s charging port has fault.

Note that when the charging port has issues, the phone charging signal might still display at the top notification bar of the phone but will not increase in battery percentage. This might be a result of partial contact between the charger and the phone charging port.

To solve this problem, you first need to change your charger to a better one if you have not already done so. If the charger enters the phone so freely without sufficient grip, this might be an indication that the charging port need replacement. You can find more assistance in our forum


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