Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions

Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions

Are you a user of this device? Then you probably encountered one or more of the problems or issues associated with this phone. Very often, the user is left frustrated and angry. For this reason, I have written something to help you have any problem with your infinix note 4 – Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions.

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Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions.

First, it is quite proper to list the Infinix Note 4 Problems, And then we can go right to the solutions.

  1. Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem
  2. My Infinix Note 4 Is Slow
  3. Infinix Note 4 Battery Drains Fast
  4. My Infinix Note 4 Won’t Power On
  5. Infinix Note 4 Bluetooth, Wifi and Data  Network problems.


Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem

Truth is most other devices sometimes have charging problems. The main cause of this issue is charging of your phone too frequent. As you know, charging of phone often means that you will have to insert and unplug the charger from the phone. This makes the charging port in the phone damage quickly. T resolve the Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem, follow these steps.

  1. Change the charger if you have not already done so. Sometimes, the USB cable may be unfit to charge the phone. Changing both the charger and the USB cable may be all that you need.
  2. Clean any possible dust and dirt from the charging port. Use a brush for this, maybe a tooth brush. Dust and dirt’s may cause lose of contact between the charger and the phone when connected.
  3. Allow the phone to charger for a long time. Don’t just conclude that the charging port is bad. It could be that the battery is undercharged and needs few minutes to boost up.
  4. Check the battery. Batteries sometimes are responsible for charging problems. If the battery has been showing signs of weakness previously, it could be that it is now dead and needs replacement.


My Infinix Note 4 Is Slow

It used to be a s fast as the speed of light. Now your Not 4 hardly opens an app on time. What happened?

Often, slow response of a device is the result of low memory. When your phone memory, especially the RAM, is almost out of space, the processor, being choked, finds of hard to perform task such as opening apps. The solution is really easy.

  1. Simply uninstall high end games and apps.
  2. Also delete some media files from the device to free up some space.
  3. Stop multitasking your device and remove all background running apps (presses)
  4. Learn to restart your phone more often.


Infinix Note 4 Battery Drains Fast

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