Infinix Mobile Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Infinix Mobile Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Infinix mobile devices are among the leading phones in Africa. They have supper cool phones with nice designs sold at affordable amounts. However, like all other devices, they can get damaged or malfunction at times either because of an operators way of handling or manufacturing error. Whatever the cause may be, we consider below some Infinix Mobile Phone Problems And How To Fix Them.

Infinix Phone Update problems

If your infinix device fails to update, you can either reset the phone to factory mode and try updating again or try downgrading and upgrading. Before following these procedures, make sure that you have sufficient data and strong browsing connection. Also make sure that you battery level is above 60% and healthy. If updating problem continues, visit calcare service center for assistance.


Infinix phones Charging Problem

This can happen if you are using a bad USB cable or charger to charge the device. It can also be the result of a dieing battery or a faulty charging port. The solution to this problem is easy. First change the USB cable and then the charger altogether. If the problem is not solved, you may want to change the battery of your phone and try again with the new USB cable and charger. Deactivating and activating battery power saver is an option too. If nothing seen to work, check with a technician to change the charging port of the device.

Infinix Phone Wifi Problem

The most recommended solution is to reset the phone to factory default. You may want to check your phone apps that have access to your wifi. Uninatall any app that have access to your wifi and then reboot the phone.

Infinx Phone Internal Storage Problem

Go to settings, >> Storage and unmount the internal storage. Now reboot the phone and your storage should be Intact. Note that if you go to your storage in setting and found that the storage is unmount, just mounting it will do. You don’t have to reboot the phone.

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