Infinix Hot Note Won’t Turn On – Solution

Infinix Hot Note Won’t Turn On – Solution

There are many reasons why your Infinix Hot Note phone may not turn on. These reasons are similar to these ones here Dead phone Solution – How to Revive a dead phone. However, in this post, we will consider how to fix an Infinix Hot Note phone that won’t turn on. If your already have this issue with your phone, get it ready and follow the steps below to revive it -Infinix Hot Note Won’t Turn On – Solution.

Remove The Infinix Hot Note Battery

I know that the battery is not removable. If you follow the steps here, How To Remove Infinix Hot Note Battery, you should be able to remove the battery. So what happens after you remove the battery? Just insert it back. Simple. After doing this, charge the phone for a period of time and it may come back alive.

Charge The Infinix Hot Note

Just plug the charger to the phone allow it to charge over time even when there is no indication that it is charging. You can use different chargers for this. If after charging for 30 minutes with on charger, you can try another charger for another 30 minutes. Why should you do this? You phone may appear dead if you allow the battery to drain beyond the 1% that it is supposed to be its minimum.  This can happen after the phone goes off because of low battery and you could not charge the phone for a long time. To charge the battery back to life it may take some considerable time. Also only chargers with stronger charging capacity will bring the battery back to life. This is why you need to change the chargers if possible.

Dry Out Possible Water From The Infinix Hot Note

Although you may not be aware of it, water may be the reason why you Infinix Hot Note will not turn on or power on. To clear all doubt, open the phone as much as you can and keep it in a hot place to dry out any possible water from it.

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