Infinix Hot Note Wifi And Hotspot Problems And Solutions

Infinix Hot Note Wifi And Hotspot Problems And Solutions

The reason why you need this fix is simple. Either could not connect to a wifi network or could not create a hotspot connection. You are not alone in this. There are lots of cases like this reported each day. Sometimes, the problem might have an easy fix and solution while at other times it might require the help of an expert technician. Deviceteck has provided some easy fix method to this issue in a way that common users can understand and easily fix below. Now let us focus on the Infinix Hot Note Wifi And Hotspot Problems And Solutions for you.

Infinix Phones Wifi And Hotspot Solutions

If you are just noticing this problem for the first time, then it might be that restarting the phone is all that you need at this time. This may well solve that issues.

If you have been experiencing this issue for some time, then what you need is more than restarting the phone. You will have to go to settings on your device and locate that application manager. Find the Wifi app and clear its data and cache and you are done. Do the same thing with the hostpot app and retry the wifi or hotspot connection. If the problem is still the same, restart the phone.

OK. You restart the phone, cleared both cache and data and the problem is still not gone. What more can you do? At this time you might consider reseting your phone to factory default. Remember to backup your device before you do this. Reseting phones to factory default solve lots of problems that are common with mobile devices.

Still if the problem is not solved, then you need to have technician flash the phone. This, finally, should resolve the issue.

How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

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