Infinix Hot Note Problems And Their Solutions

Infinix Hot Note Problems And Their Solutions

If you use Infinix Hot Note, you will admit that it is a great device. The graphics, the design and the processing speed all makes this Hot Note Family majestic. However, like any other devices, the Infinix Hot Note phones has their own problems. Below are some common Infinix Hot Note Problems And Their Solutions

How To Remove Infinix Hot Note Battery

Battery is inbuilt and should not be removed by users. If you think it is something you can do then check out this help guild.

Infinix Hote Note Battery Drains Fast

Stop charging it with a power bank. While charging, be sure that you do not operate and if possible, turn the phone off when charging. Closing applications you are not using will also help make the battery last longer. You may also want to download battery power saver from play store for this purpose.

I Cannot Access My File Manager In My Infinix Hot Note

Download ES File Explorer or any similar file manager from the play store. The file manager that comes with all Tecno phones may be different from the ES file explorer. Only operate for few hours and you should get used to it.

Infinix Hot Note Charging Problem

In most cases, the problem comes from either the USB cable or the charger. This could also be a sign that the battery is weak or the charging port is bad. The solution to this problem is simply changing the USB cable and the charger. If the phone still have the same problem, then you should consider charging the battery or the charging port. Please visit Calcare Service Center for this.

Infinix Hot Note Fake Charging

The problem can only be from the charger, USB cable and the battery. Change them then and the problem is solved.

Infinix Hot Note Update Problem

If you are having difficulties upgrading you Infinix Hot Note, you should first make sure that you have sufficient and strong data connection on your device. Once the update process starts, allow enough time to pass before you conclude that the update has failed. If you keep getting failed update, reset your Infinix Hot Note to factory default and try updating again

Problems After Infinix Hot Note Update 

After each update, there might seem to be some challenges. The look of you devices graphics may now be different from the way it looked on previous version. Sometimes, wifi, bluetooth and internet network may not work. There are other update related problems that may affect your Infinix Hot Note. If this happens to you, first make sure that your settings is covered – ensure that the problems are not the result of wrong settings in the phone. Then, try reseting the phone to factory default. This should solve the problem. If not, consider downgrading and updating the device once more.

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