Infinix S4 Problems And Solutions

The all new Infinix S4 is here with its amazing features and design. The water drop screen, the light weight, the AI functionality and the smooth running of the device makes it top choice for budget users. Alright, enough of singing the praise of this Infinix S family member. Time to consider our real issue of the day: Infinix S4 Problems And Solutions.

Infinix S4 Problems And Solutions

Granted, the S4 is wonderfully designed, but it has its flaws. If you are a user of this device, you probably have some sort issues with this device or you are compelled you check this out if its worth your penny. I won’t take you time, straight to our main issue.

  1. Infinix S4 wont connect with google, Gmail account.
  2. Infinix S4 updating problem

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Infinix S4 Won’t Connect With Google, Gmail Account

For all users of this device, this is one unavoidable issue you have to face. You keep trying to connect the device with you Gmail account and you have to wait like forever for something that should take few seconds. Doesn’t matter whether you have all the internet network in the world, what is going to be be is going to be.

To solve this issue, you have to update your newly acquired device. I must confess that I do not understand why a new device need an update in the first place. However, this is the sure solution you need.

Please notice that updating your phone requires enough data, over 50% of battery charge and a couple of minutes. If you have got all these covered, then you are good to follow the screenshots bellow.

Infinix S4 Problems And Solutions

1. Go to the Infinix S4 settings

2. Select the “Backup and restore” option

3. Tap on the online update to start the process.

When the above is done, you will have to wait for the update files to download, then the phone will restart itself so the files can be installed. When I updated mine, it went smooth ad I was able to connect to google account.

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