How To Use to Search Job, Upload Resume

How To Use to Job Search

Are you looking for job listings online? Whatever kind of job you are looking for can be easily found at The interesting part is that you can find an excellent job listings within your neighborhood fast on www indeed com. According to Wikipedia is an American worldwide employmentrelated search engine for job listings launched in November 2004

www indeed com makes it possible for you to search lots of job listings from thousands of job boards, websites, company career pages, newspapers, blogs, and associations to see job listings that perfectly match or are close to your search query. The good news is that all searches you make can be saved as email alert, so new job listings are sent to your inbox on daily basis.


One reason why people love Google so much is its user-friendliness. is design similar to Google search engine. Easy to use, will save you a lot of time, effort and provide top job listens from quality sites in seconds. The navigation system is excellent and great.

How To Apply For A Job On has made it all too easy to apply for jobs online. It is that easy. Search for available jobs, scroll through search results and contact the companies directly. Visit and give it a try.

How to Set Up Indeed Email Job Alerts

It is possible to set up email alerts for notifications on new jobs and or recommendations for available openings that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. It is also possible to set or configure how often and how many of these job alerts you get on a specified day, week, or month.

www indeed com

How to Post a Resume on Indeed

There are two ways of posting your resume on Indeed. You can either upload your resume or build it right there with the fields provided. What ever the case is, you must be signed in to or registered an account to do this.

Uploading Your Resume On Indeed

There are dozens of file format recommended for resume upload. They include WORD, TXT, PDF, and RTF. Make sure your document is ready in one of these formats and ready for upload. Don’t worry, you can edit certain part of your resume even after a successful upload.

Click on the “Upload Your Resume” on the home page to begin with the process. When you are done with the upload, you will get suggestions like adding awards to improve the quality of your resume.

Building A Resume On Indeed

You can build your own resume on Indeed without uploading your documents. Login or create a new account and access the “build Your Own Resume Tab” to begin.

Before you begin, get your contact information , work history and education ready to input in the profile, work and education fields.

Once you enter your information, you’ll be able to edit or remove them in the future. To view how the final copy will look like, click on “View Resume”. Notice that this what employers will see when they click on it.

www indeed com

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