How To Solve Network Problem In Android

Are you having troubles with your phone mobile network connection? Let see how we can resolve the issue with the following steps. How To Solve Network Problem In Android.

  1. If the Network Works Everywhere But Your Room

There are lots of complaints from users of mobile phones about restricted mobile network around their homes. If this is the case, it might be that your mobile service provider’s network is not strong enough around your home. Try this.

Have a friend insert your SIM into his phone to check if you will experience the same issue. If yes, you might want to talk with your network provider customer service to make a complaint.

2. If The Network Does Not Work At All

The first step it to remove your SIM and insert it back into the mobile phone. Now restart the phone and note the difference. If no improvement and network still hasn’t showed up, factory reset may be necessary.

Note: In some case, flashing of the phone is necessary to restore mobile and data networks.

3. If The Mobile Network Problem Is Hardware Related

Only phone technician should do this.

Clean the network antenna with a sharp object and ensure that it can still create contact between the phone and the network area of the phone. See this post for more assistance.

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