How To Remove Uninstall Babel Font From Android

How To Remove Uninstall Babel Font From Android

Once your phone was working fine and every thing seem to be very good. Suddenly, resulting from babel fonts intalled on your phone, your phone start malfunctioning. This is the cases with many android phone users to day. But How can this babel font be uninstalled or removed from an android device? As we consider How To Remove Uninstall Babel Font From Android in this post you will find out that it is not an easy task to uninstall this font.

If you cannot unistall an app from the app menu you can do so from the apps settings of the phone. This is not the case with babel font. It cannot be easily uninstalled. however, you may be able to deactivate it and it will never bother you again. How? Let’s consider two steps to achieve this. Any step can come before the other.

Deactivate Bable Font Step One

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Navigate to Apps (App management)
  • Locate the babel font and click on it to open
  • Click on the clear data, clear cache and force stop.
  • Done

Deactivate Babel Font Step Two

In the setting of your phone look for Language and click on it. Scroll down and locate default font. Enable system Font Manager in place of babel font. That all and your are good to go.

Another step that may successfully correct this issue is updating the babel app on play store. There are lots on users that have similar issue. Some few successfully found a working solution. Others had to factory reset thair phones before it went back to normal. Hopefully, the guide here will fix your babel font issue.


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