How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

There is no phone without problems. When it comes to white screen display on Tecno android phone, it becomes an exception. For one thing, if the screen display plain white, you cannot operate the phone, it is as good as dead. In this post, I will not only consider How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones but also mention what you can do to avoid this particular problem.

Hey, before I proceed, please understand that if the phone was recently worked on by a technician, the suggestions here might not work. There is a probability that the white screen display on your Tecno Phone result from misrepair of the device.

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How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

Why Is My Tecno Phone Screen Showing White?

Let say your Tecno Camon CX screen displays white, what could be the reason? One know reason is water. Normally, when a phone drops on water and the screen is affected, it gradually turns white. But in your own case, it wasn’t gradual and and the screen had not displayed a sign of water contact.

Still on the issue of water, when you keep the phone in your pocket, little sweat can penetrate through opening in the phone and bridge screen flex soldered or clipped legs. The sweat may not touch the screen itself before displaying white. This is because the white bulbs supplying the screen light are still working but the screen is prevented from displaying information because its flex is bridged by sweat.

Another reason for white screen display is when either 1 or 2 glasses that make up the screen is broken. Sometimes, it might just be a little crack to small to notice by the user. This can happen when your phone drops down.

Only on few occasions some Tecno phone screens display white as a result of corrupt system files. For Example, you left your hone on the table few minutes ago and now you went there to and found the the Tecno W5 screen is displaying white. Hard to believe.

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What You Can Do When Your Tecno Phone Screen Is Showing White

What you can do is so limited, and most likely, you may have to change the screen. But before you do that, try these.

Keep the phone a hot place t dry out any possible water. If the white screen display is only because of water water, this method should work just fine. If it is related to sweat, it might not work. Sweat has some metal particles in them that will still bridge the phone screen led long after the sweat is dried up.

If you believe that the problem is software related and the phone was never in contact with any liquid substance and never dropped down, you may try factory reset on the phone. If the battery is removable, do tis.

Remove battery » Replace Battery » Press and Hold Power Key + Volume Down Key » Follow Instructions from here to factory reset the phone.

If the phone has inbuilt battery, the press and hold the power key for 15 seconds and the phone will turn off. Now repeat the process above.

This Post Is About How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones.

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