How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are well known for their ultra HD screens long enough before the all popular Tecno and Infinix budget phones came to be famous. Their touchpads are so responsive with a clean and bright interface that marks them one of a kind – How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

Sadly, the beauty of the Samsung screen does not represent anything eternity. One of the major complain with this phone screen is the white display, a problem that has caused lots of frustration and annoyance.

In this post, I will mention some of the reasons why this happens to many Samsung Users, what can be done to prevent it and how to fix it if it eventually happens to you.


Why Is My Samsung Phone Displaying White?

  1. Water may cause this problem. Not all Samsung phones are water resistant. When water enters the phone and goes through to the screen, it might damage it, making it to stop working. However, the white light bulbs in the screen will still light up. Since the rear of the screen is white, the screen displays white when the phone is turned on with the screen damaged and the bulbs turn on.
  2. Dust and small particles are another reason why many experience the issue of white screen in their Samsung phones. Screen flex cable connecting the screen to the phone panel may be dirty at the point of connection.
  3. Rust is just one more reason. Similar to dust, it prevents the screen flex from establishing a stable connection between the screen and the phone panel.
  4. Cracks in the screen can damage the screen, making it to display white when turned on. Often though, this is the result of rough handling of the phone and the resulting crack are mostly unnoticeable.
  5. Apps, when over installed in the phone leaving very little space for the RAM of the phone can choke the processor. This can make the phone to malfunction, sometimes displaying white. Its even worse if the apps are corrupt.

How To Prevent Your Samsung Phone Screen From Displaying White

There are no hard rules here. Simply play safe with your phone and never be over comfortable with it. If it drops down it might give you white screen and if it gets too dirty for a long time, white screen might knock on the door.

Never bring it close to water. It is noe recommended to keep your phone in your pocket on a hot day. Sweat from your leg can sip into the phone, finding its way down the screen and panel components responsible for graphic.

Do not multitask your phone, do not install apps you do not really need and do not exhaust your system memory. If you do not really need an app then reject it.

Finding the answer to How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones is not an easy one, but here is something we can do.

Solution To Samsung Phone White Screen Display

The First thing to do is is simply restarting the device. In Samsung phones with removable batteries, this is quite easy. Simply remove the battery, insert it again and the turn the phone on. In phones with inbuilt batteries, simply pres and hold the power key for 30 seconds, for the phone to force shutdown and then turn it on again. Now check if the screen still displays white.

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