How To Fix Samsung S7 SD Card Problem

How To Fix Samsung S7 SD Card Problem

SD card not detected. Did you get confused when you became aware that your SD card is not detected? This could be frustrating, even annoying. However, there is good news, you can easily fix the issue. So lets get down to the solution to or discussion How To Fix Samsung S7 SD Card Problem. Galaxy S7 SD card corrupted.

Clean The SD Card

You should ensure that the SD card is clean and freeĀ  of any possible dirt. You do not need to clean with any special solution, not even with water. All you need is a clean dry pieces of rag and you are done. Re-insert the SD card into the device and see if it works. Hopefully, it should.

Try With A Different SD Card

It happens all the time. Maybe the SD card is damaged or unreadable. If other SD cards work on the phone formatting it with a computer is your next option if it can recognized by a computer. If the phone cannot read any SD card then have a technician check it out for you. In this case the problem might be from the SD card terminals in the phone.

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