Gowin G605 Repair Solutions

WARNING: Do not try the following if you are not a mobile device technician as you may damage your device in the process – Gowin G605 Repair Solutions. To learn to repair mobile devices, please follow our online course here.
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Gowin G605 Repair Solutions

Find all the connection way for Gowin G605 in the picture below. Provided is the USD terminal connection way, the MIC connection way, the keypad connection way, the power key connection way and the battery terminals connection way. The picture below is accurately read and is reliable for making connection jumpers.

Gowin G605 Repair Solutions

Gowin G605 Keypad Repair Solution

The keypad way is provided in the picture above. But some keys in the keypad do no have alternative terminals to connect with. I hope that the keys you need are among the one provided above.

Gowin G605 Power Key Repair Solutions

The outer ring for the power key is the GND and the inner ring is the PWRKEY connected to the back of the PCB as indicated in the picture above. If this device fail to turn on, the power botten my be the reason. Check with a meter if it is working and if not, create a jumper accordingly.

Gowin G605 Battery Terminal Repair Solutions

The battery terminals has really good alternative terminals where you can easily make a jumper to. All instructions indicated in the picture above.

Gowin G605 USB Port Repair Solutions

The USB port unlike others has 6 terminals. We have determined which one of them is the vbus, dp, dm, and GND.

Gowin G605 Speaker Repair Solutions

The alternative terminals for the speaker is not far from the main speaker terminal but may not be easily worked on.

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