Gionee Phone Problems And Their Solutions

Gionee Phone Problems And Their Solutions

One thing I like about Gionee phones is that they have strong batteries and try to keep with the every growing design practice. But like every other phones, they can sometimes malfunction, get broken or just stop working. If your Gionee ever develop any fault, what can you do yourself to repair it without spending money? Let us talk about some Gionee Phone Problems And Their Solutions.

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Gionee Phones Charging Problem – Gionee phone not charging Solution

This problem can either be caused by the charger, the USB cable, the battery, the phone charging port or a combination of any of these. First thing to do is to change the USB cable and then the charger. If the problem still continues, change the battery. If any of these does not seem to be the problem, then it must be a problem from the charging port. Contact a technician for this.

Gionee phones Power Solution – Gionee Phone Power Problem

This is a common problem with all phones and not just only Gionee phones. First make sure that the phone did not come in contact with water. If it has fallen on water, then you should keep it in a hot place where the water can dry out. If you can disassemble the phone before placing it in a hot place it would be better that way. If you want to loose the phone but do not know how to do so, check this out.

Check the battery also to ensure that it is not bad. If it is, change it. Notice that your battery may be working in good health but the terminals may be dirty, preventing it from coming in contact with the phone. Gently remove any dirt from the battery terminals and then insert it back into the phone and give it a try.

Gionee phones Slow Charging – Gionee Fake Charging

This is again a major issue with most phones. If your Gionee phone is charging slow, there are a few things you can do to increase the rate at which it charges.

  • Do not operate while charging
  • If possible put phone off while charging
  • Get a battery boosting app form play store
  • Get a better battery that can charge faster

Gionee Battery Does Not Last Long

If you are confronted with this challenge, most common solution is to change the battery. But if for any reason you are unable to do so, then you may need to download a good battery boosting app from play store. Also make sure that you end any app or game you are not using. Learn how to close apps in your phone here. Screen brightness should be reduced too. See an article where I explained extensively on how to make a battery last longer.

Gionee Phones Screen Problem

in almost all cases, this should be left for a phone repairer to handle.


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