How To Format Infinix Hot Note – 2 Easy Methods

How To Format Infinix Hot Note

There are 2 way to hard reset your infinix hot note. The first method is done when the phone is on and the second method when the phone is off. Here is How To Format Infinix Hot Note in both ways.

How to format Infinix Not Note When On

  • Go to settings
  • Now click on Back Up And Reset
  • Click on Factory Data Reset
  • Job Completed. Wait until the whole process is completed and the phone will reboot by itself.

How To Format Infinix Hot Note That Is Off

  • Make sure the phone is off
    Hold for 7 seconds the volume Down button and Power Button at the same time
    The phone will boot into recovery mode
    Use your volume button to scroll down , and Click on factory reset / wipe all data
    Confirm your Selection
    Your phone will reset and reboot on its own.

If your Infinix Hot Note has series of problems, you can check out this link to see how you can fix this problem. Check out this link for common Infinix Hot Note problems and how to fix them. Also check out our forum and ask any questions regarding this issue. Experts from our forum will be glad to help.

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