How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

In this article, we will go straight into the method used for flashing all Tecno phones. First of all, you should be aware that all Tecno phones have an MTK chip which makes them to have the same method of flashing. The name of the software we will be using for this process is Miracle Box. Let us go to our main topic How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

What You Need – Get These Ready
Make sure that the following are ready before we begin.

  1. Miracle Box Loader 2.27A
  2. The ROM (this is the file you want to flash into the phone. Must be the exact ROM for the phone)
  3. VCOM drivers installed in the PC
  4. A good USB cable
  5. The phone to flash
  6. A well charged battery for the phone

How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily With Miracle Box

Open the Miracle box from the download folder make sure it is on the “SERVICE” dashboard as indicated in the picture below as “1”.

How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

Click on the “write” which is indicated as “2”. By clicking the “write”, you tell miracle box that you want to flash a phone and not backup or other task.

After clicking on the “write”, you should click on the folder icon at the bottom right of miracle box indicated with the number 3 in the picture. After clicking on the folder icon, you will be directed to your computer folders. Locate the ROM you downloaded for the flashing of the phone and click on “scartter.txt” if the ROM you downloaded comes with all flash files separately in one folder. If the file you downloaded is in .bin format and all the flash files are in one singular file, you will have to select that file. Whether you click on the scatter or the whole file, it should now load in miracle box.

Click on the “Start Button” and the remove your battery from your phone, insert it back into the phone and connect a USB cable from the computer to the phone. You should see number “5” in miracle box moving. An indication that your phone is flashing.

If you get a prompt asking you to select the files to flash, you can select all except for preloader.bin. Wait for the whole process to complete and then you will see a message “done!” at the end of the flashing. Disconnect your phone from the computer, remove the battery, reinsert the battery and turn the phone on. You are done.

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