My Flash Share Is Not Connecting – Solution

My Flash Share Is Not Connecting – Solution

Could it be that flash share has bugs? No. The problem is from either the flash share app installation process or from your phone. In this post, we will be considering really quick fix to your flash share issues so you can connect and share media files with friends. The solution provided below may also fix flash share not opening problem, flash share closing by itself and few other related problems with flash share. So, let get to the solution to My Flash Share Is Not Connecting.

How To Fix Flash Share That Is Not Connecting

If the app is not connecting to other devices, there are some few reasons for this problem. First, it could be that you are not running the connection the way you should. If this is the case, you have to learn the simple method of connecting flash share to other devices

Second, It could be that your background data is turned on. You have to put it of. If your background data is on, you will see a triangular symbol at the top notification bar of your phone. Pull the notification bar down and touch the “Background data restricted” to deactivate it. After this, your flash share should run smoothly. If it continues to with its no connection problem, close the app and restart it. Make sure that the phone screen do no go off before you create your connection.

Third, Uninstall the reinstall the app if the problem continues or if you are having problems launching flash share. If it is possible, get flash share from a different source or version to install. We recommend that you download flash share from Google play store.

Lastly, make sure that you phone Wifi is working. Flash share needs this to work. If it is necessary, you will have to factory reset your phone. Back up your phone before you run the factory reset.



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