How To Fix Tecno Phone Charging Itself

How To Fix Tecno Phone Charging Itself

Honestly, I have had this same problem lots of times and all through, the solution is very easy. In this post, you will learn the easy fix method to this problem and how to avoid it. Rest assured that whenever your phone is charging itself you have nothing to worry about. With that in mind we get down to business – How To Fix Tecno Phone Charging Itself.

Why Is My Phone Charging Itself

If the terminals in the charging port of your phone are touching each other, you will have this problem. Normally, the charging port for android phone have 5 terminals that are very close to each other. The first and the last terminals are responsible for the charging of the phone, while two terminals in the midle along with the first and last terminals are all required for your phone to connect with a computer. It is unclear to us at this time which terminals come in contact for the phone to display the charging sign.

To avoid this, always make sure that you plug your charger the right way that you should. If not, you can damage the charging port and leave its terminals touching each other. When removing and plugging a charger into your phone, also be sure to be gentle and never force a charger into the charging port.


Plug And Unplug A Charger

Just connect a charger to the phone and unplug it. Make sure that the charger is not connected to electric power source in order to avoid the risk of damaging your phone. This is all that you need to do to solve the issue.

Please contact a technician if this fix method still could not resolve the issue or ask for help in our FORUM.

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