How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

This question is often asked by both phone users and technicians alike. Is there a simple way of repairing a mobile phone MIC? In this article, we will consider the following. How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android.

. What is MIC (Mouthpiece)?

. When a MIC is Really bad

. How to fix a bad MIC

Note: MIC in this article refers to Mouthpiece.

What is MIC (Mouthpiece)?

In our phone repair online training section, we define the concept of MIC as When making a call with your phone, the MIC (which means the microphone) record what you say during the call and makes it available to be transmitted to the person you are talking with. If the MIC in a phone is bad and you make a call with that phone, the other person will not hear you. If you record any sound with the phone, it will not work. Find more here

When a MIC is Really bad

It is not difficult to tell if a phone’s mouthpiece is faulty, whether for MOS or android phones. It simply won’t record sounds or allow the receiving end of a call to hear what you say. After making sure that the receiving end of a call’s earpiece (REC) is working and the volume is adjusted to normal, it is then safe to conclude that the MIC is bad and needs replacement.

In some android phones, there are two mouthpiece. The upper mouthpiece in the panel of the phone for sound recording and the bottom mouthpiece for forwarding sounds during calls to the other end. If the bottom MIC is damaged, sounds can be successfully recorded and heard when played, but the receiver of a call wont be able to hear what you say.

How To Fix a Bad MIC

There are generally two types of mouthpiece used for mobile phones. The two-legged mouthpiece and the four-legged mouthpiece also known as the golden mouthpiece. The latter is more difficult to fix when compared to the first one.

The two legged mouthpiece.

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

it is really easy to replace this mouthpiece. The only major tool needed is the soldering iron. Soldering iron is needed for this mouthpiece if it uses wire terminals, if not, the hot air of a rework station is needed to remove the faulty sited two legged MIC and then replaced with the two legged wire terminal MIC using a soldering iron.

The four-legged mouthpiece

More difficult to fix is the four-legged mouthpiece. Some uses a special resistor and a the two-legged mouthpiece as a substitute for it. The logic is simple and handy if you look online hard enough. The rework station hot air is required in all the steps of making a replacement if you are to use the same mouthpiece.

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

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