How To Fix Flash Share Not Connecting Problem

How To Fix Flash Share Not Connecting Problem

I would be very difficult to transfer files, especially large ones, if your phone does not have flash share. Bluetooth works perfectly, but takes time to complete successful transfers. For this reason, you need the flash share app on your device. However, the flash share app sometimes fail to create connections between 2 devices and this problem can sometimes be both frustrating and unacceptable. What cab you do to keep your flash share running smoothly? We consider How To Fix Flash Share Not Connecting Problem in this post.

Flash Share Connection Problem And Solution

Download Source

The most recommended place to download android apps is the Google Play Store. You are likely to experience less app failures or malfunctions if you download apps from this source. Since you cannot know the source of apps transferred from another device to your own device, it is better you disregard any such apps and download from the Google Play Store app that comes, by default, with your phone. Download flash share from Google Store and experience little or no issues.

Close And Relaunch The Flash Share App

If the phone background data is activated, then flash share will not work if after launching it the screen light goes out and the phone locked. On unlocking the phone, you have to close the app and launch it again to connect with other devices

Install, Uninstall And Reinstall Flash Share App

If your flash share does not connect to other devices and this has become too often, simple uninstall and reinstall the app. This may be all you need to solve that problem.

Use Xender App In Place Of Flash share

Generally from all features, the Xender app is better than the flash share app. If you find that the flash share app does not work for your phone, then try the Xender app. One good thing about these two apps is that you can use your xender app to transfer files to a device using flash share.

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